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Off to Hong Kong tomorrow

I am so excited to see another huge, financial hub in Asia, as well as soak up some sun and hop over to Macao for a day. Hong Kong has some pretty famous night markets, and well as nice jade and silk markets, so I’m looking forward to a little shopping too! 

I’ll be bringing my camera with me, so you can expect to see more pictures soon. I have this really bad habit of not bringing my camera with me because I’m so busy absorbing everything around. Even sometimes when I have my camera I forget to take pictures. But I’m trying! I promise! I want to be able to look back and have pictures my time here, but most of the time someone else in the group has a camera, so I still get some documentation. 

Our Hong Kong trip will also have lectures about the rise of Hong Kong, it’s place in the world today, and where it is headed for the future. We’re also attending a conference Saturday and Sunday about certain topics in Hong Kong, and I picked governance and constitutional reform. So I’ll be learning about the future of Hong Kong from a governmental perspective, along with other students from Hong Kong universities. 

So I can’t wait to see another city like Shanghai. Plus, I hear that the scenery is beautiful. It sounds like the perfect getaway after a tough couple of weeks. Plus, now that I’m done with the antibiotic, I feel much better. I can’t wait to go explore a new city!